Being semi-nooby, wanted to help others with knowledge that I've learned of mechanical keyboards. Here's a listing of keyboards which are at least a decent buy. Some are value propositions, some are just awesome. Hope some of the list and links will help others.

** None of these links are affiliate, I don't get anything for sharing these links. Well, SirTimmy owes me some ass-grabs, but besides that.

Keyboard Resources

Keyboard Videos

Keyboard Recommendations

65% Keyboards

  • Ikki68 Aurora by Wuque Studios

  • Vega by ai03

  • KBD67 Lite by KBDfans

  • Bauer Lite by Omnitype

  • Keycult No. 2/65 (Only if you are a baller like Nico)

  • Durgod Hades 68 (Pre-built)

  • Voice65 by Owlabs (End)

  • Think6.5 V2 (End)

  • Space65:CyberVoyager (End)

  • Iron165 by Smith & Rune (End)

75% Keyboards

1800 Keyboards

Alice Style Keyboards

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