Keycaps by Color

Originally list was compiled for recommendations for the Ikki68 Aurora in Mint, Mizu & Devoted colors, but helps anyone looking for keycaps with a specific keyboard color scheme. These are crowd sourced by the keeb community. Color matching is all personal preference. If you'd like to add to the list, please find meBigEURO’ on the Wuque Discord or email me to add more options to our list. Consider using complimentary colors to contrast keyboard/keycap colorway - Click here.


  • ePBT 6085

  • GMK Darling [Render by AuroraCamo]

  • GMK Red Alert

  • GMK Redline

  • GMK Red Samurai

  • GMK Red Dragon

  • Infinikey Bred

  • Infinikey Sanctuary Rebirth



Black on White (BoW)

White on Black (WoB)

** Renders by community (Ikki68 Aurora) **

Credit for renders - Discord - garry#5952, Detrimend#2692 , Bent isst dich auf#7878, Mangas#4103, AuroraCamo#5537, VAMP#0690, hipster#5097